Alberto Brandolini: The Gordian Knot at muCon London 2019, Skills Matter

Check out “EventStorming Remote Modelling” online workshop with Alberto Brandolini (9-10-11 September 2020)!

Once upon a time there were two of the most successful conferences organised by Skills Matter. They were called DDD eXchange and muCon.
These two events have now merged into a bigger and better one: muCon – The Conference on Microservices, DDD & Software Architecture, a 3-day conference which aims at serving both the Domain-Driven Design and Microservices communities.
Both communities are alive and well all over the world, as the very varied and international crowd at the BDC in London could testify! 🙂

We already spoke about DDD eXchange last year and how Alberto Brandolini has always been part of the exciting line-up of that conference.
2019 has been no exception: the founder of Avanscoperta and inventor of EventStorming was indeed at the newly-shaped 3-day muCon to present a talk, “The Gordian Knot“.

Weren’t you at muCon London 2019? Nothing to worry about: check out the full HD video of Alberto’s talk below!

“The Gordian Knot” starts as a deep dive into one of the most successful books within the Software Development (and not only, as you’ll find out in the video) that have been published in the last years: Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble and Gene Kim.

If you’re tired of hearing “it depends” when it comes to assessing which practices work and which ones don’t within the IT world… this book has evidence, facts, numbers and figures that will tell you what’s the right path. For example… DevOps works! 🙂

What follows is the usual fun-to-watch-and-full-of-great-insight talk by our very own Zio, and you also get your dose of EventStorming. Shocking, isn’t it?! 🙂

Wondering when you can learn how to become an EventStorming facilitator, or when to participate in one of Alberto’s renowned Master Classes and workshops?

Head to Avanscoperta’s website and find out more on the orange world of Alberto Brandolini!

PS: Do you like Alberto’s hoodie? Is orange a colour that makes you think about EventStorming? It really should! 🙂
Raise your hand if you can spot Alberto in this picture!

And you can find more stuff at Avanscoperta’s online shop on Etsy.

Check out “EventStorming Remote Modelling” online workshop with Alberto Brandolini (9-10-11 September 2020)!

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Pics credits: Ed Telling, Skills Matter.

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