Flow efficiency al supermercato ai tempi del COVID-19

Possiamo applicare un approccio Lean alle nostre esperienze quotidiane?

In questo periodo particolarmente complesso, guidato da precauzioni, accortezze e restrizioni, la nostra quotidianità ha subito dei profondi cambiamenti nelle attività lavorative, nelle presenze in famiglia, nel modo di fare le lezioni a scuola e nelle solite dinamiche di tutti i giorni.

Anche il semplice impegno di recarsi al supermercato per fare la spesa è diventato un appuntamento da preparare con cura e accortezza e l’esperienza tra i reparti di ortofrutta, latticini e pasta è cambiata in modo significativo.

Nel nostro viaggio all’interno del supermercato, potremo vedere come le restrizioni imposte a seguito della diffusione del Covid-19 hanno, non volendo, introdotto degli elementi tipici dell’approccio Lean. Continua la lettura di Flow efficiency al supermercato ai tempi del COVID-19

EventStorming in COVID-19 times


If you already know me, you should remember that my position towards “remote EventStorming” wasn’t exactly favorable. However, the Coronavirus changed everything in or space, so a different position might be needed. Before starting to read this post I suggest you to read Remote EventStorming first.

At the moment of writing, Italy is in lockdown. EventStorming, as it was conceived like put all the key people in the same room, is forbidden, dangerous and strategically suicidal. So I guess some of the thoughts in my previous article needs to be reconsidered in the face of the changed scenario, where working remotely, possibly from home, becomes the norm.

This article’s approach is not general purpose: my consideration about remote workshops in normal times still stand, and I really hope to revert back to that status quo. But we’re not there anymore, and here I will write my current thoughts about EventStorming in a world where meeting in person is a risky luxury and still people need to explore complex domains, design sophisticated processes and collaborate across silos. Continua la lettura di EventStorming in COVID-19 times

Remote EventStorming


This is my position about the idea of Remote EventStorming before the COVID-19 which changed a few things. I suspect it will be interesting again once the emergency will be over. If you’re under restrictions and need to keep on modeling, you may want to have a look also to EventStorming in COVID-19 times after reading this one.

EventStorming is not a single recipe for workshops. It comes in different flavors, and with different purposes.

Before exploring the impact of turning it remotely, we need to make sure we understand what we’re talking about. Continua la lettura di Remote EventStorming

Remote Impact Mapping Workshop in Soisy

A case-study by Lorenzo Massacci

La scorsa settimana ho avuto la possibilità di progettare e facilitare un workshop su Impact Mapping con il team di Soisy, da remoto.
Due giorni di workshop completamente online senza post-it, pennarelli e lavagne… Il risultato? Il workshop è stato un successo!

Continua la lettura di Remote Impact Mapping Workshop in Soisy

Stay At Home and Keep Learning in Times of Coronavirus

Hello Learners, we’re all aware of what’s going on in the world with the sadly-famous COVID-19. This means more and more companies and people are forced to stay at home and reduce movements outside. People’s freedom of movement is being limited in all Italy right now (and this might extend to other countries soon… fingers crossed) in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, causing each one of us to rethink the way we live, work and learn.

We deeply empathize with everyone who’s under pressure because of the virus, and its consequences.: this unprecedented situation is really testing every one of us, and we are extra lucky this time around as we’ve been a remote company for the last four years. So here’s a couple of things we want to do for and share with our community of Learners.

Continua la lettura di Stay At Home and Keep Learning in Times of Coronavirus

Avanscoperta Retreat #3

Avanscoperta Retreat #3 – Cross-Company Collaborations

Retreats always comes in threes! 🙂
And that’s with this spirit that we organised our Retreat #3 once again in the city of Bologna. Bologna, again?! Well, we did try to escape to somewhere more exotic this time around (closer to the water for example… ) but eventually the capital of Emilia-Romagna, foodies’ paradise and very well connected with the rest of mainland Italy, remains the city of choice for our annual Retreat.
Not to mention its proximity with Avanscoperta’s HQ in nearby Faenza, where everything began just over 10 years ago.

Continua la lettura di Avanscoperta Retreat #3

Domain-Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing Unlocked

An interview with Marco Heimeshoff

We chatted with our trainer Marco Heimeshoff, self-proclaimed DDD care-bear and all-round expert when it comes to the challenging relationship between people and technology. Enthusiastic and full of energy, Marco gives us a fresh insight on the world of software development, Domain-Driven Design, and everything in between.

Continua la lettura di Domain-Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing Unlocked

Avanscoperta’s 2020 Conferences and Events Guide

Avanscoperta’s list of must-attend Tech Events and Conferences

Another year, another learning plan, another budget to be approved, another language to learn, another community to meet…
As we constantly strive to improve and learn more, and after a successful blog post on the same topic last year, we thought it was still a good idea to put a list of cool conferences and events taking place in 2020, stuff you might be interested in if you’re a software developer, a change agent, a product leader, or a UX designer.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts:
It’s time for Avanscoperta’s 2020 Conferences and Events Guide!

Continua la lettura di Avanscoperta’s 2020 Conferences and Events Guide

How Mob Programming helps collaboration and getting work done

Francesco Strazzullo interviews Woody Zuill

We love having our experts talk to each other and discuss topics they’re the best experts of.
This is why we asked Francesco Strazzullo, author of the book Frameworkless Frontend Development, to interview the Godfather of Mob Programming, Mr. Woody Zuill.

What follows is an interesting conversation among two brilliant minds on the impact Mob Programming has had in their careers, the way this is used in their training courses, and how a more collaborative approach can help you write better code… all together!

Continua la lettura di How Mob Programming helps collaboration and getting work done

How the brain learns and how to make your training activities more brain-friendly

An interview with Teri Frith

Did you know that a lot of the things we now know about “how the brain actually learns” have only emerged in the last 15 years or so?

The neuroscience principles behind learning are reflected in a lots of good approaches of brain-friendly teaching available today.
One of them is the “Training from the BACK of the room” training. A mind-blowing technique aimed at trainers, teachers, and anyone who has to “pass knowledge to others”.

When we had to organise our first-ever company Retreat, back in January 2018, the good old Dan North recommended we got in touch with Teri Frith, a certified “Training from the BACK of the room” trainer. So our Retreat was a 2-day “Training from the BACK of the room” training for our trainers and experts led by Teri.

Now you have a chance to read our interview with Teri and find out how to make your training activities more “brain-friendly”. Our community really liked it… your turn now!

Continua la lettura di How the brain learns and how to make your training activities more brain-friendly


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