Let’s Get Functional (Programming)!

Gabriele Lana intervista Matteo Baglini

Una chiacchierata tra due dei nostri trainer di lunga data: Gabriele Lana e Matteo Baglini.

Si parla di sviluppo software, functional programming, Scala… e molto altro. Buona lettura! 🙂

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VoxxedDays Milan 2019 – DDDino Raffle

And the winner is….

First of all, big big thanks for submitting your pictures and taking part at our raffle to get one free ticket to attend VoxxedDays Milan (13th April 2019) with the DDDino photo contest! We’re grateful our community is so responsive and can also have a laugh (even at themselves) sometimes… 🙂

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Avanscoperta Retreat #2

Avanscoperta Retreat #2 – Open Space

Once you pop, you cannot stop… And so that’s how we ended up organising Avanscoperta’s second Retreat in Bologna in January 2019!
We had so much fun the previous year, and the value for us, Avanscoperta, and for our trainers and partners alike, it has been so big that we simply couldn’t let other year pass without gather to learn new stuff, find out and explore new ideas… you know how it works, right? 🙂

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Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide

Our list of must-attend Tech Events and Conferences

Another year, another learning plan, another budget to be approved, another language to learn, another community to meet…
As we constantly strive to improve and learn more, we thought it was a good idea to put a list of cool events taking place in 2019, stuff you might be interested in if you’re a software developer, a change agent, a product leader, or a UX designer.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts:
It’s time for Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide!

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Lambda World Cádiz 2018

The European iteration of Lambda World took place on October 25-26 2018 in Cádiz (Spain).
I was lucky enough to be able to participate with two friends and colleagues: Massimo Iacolare and Andrea Vallotti. But the real surprise came in when Avanscoperta asked us to represent them at the event and write an article on Lambda World on their blog.

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ServerlessDays Milan 2018

With 7 events all over the world in 2018 only (and counting), the second edition of the one-day-one-track conference taking place in Milan, 230 attendees (double than last year!) and 21 speakers from all over the world… we can say ServerlessDays Milan‘s got big numbers, and it even sold-out this year!

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Is Serverless the future of Cloud Computing?

An interview with Luciano Mammino and Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic is a name you already know if you’ve been following us in the past years… raise your hand if you knew Mr Adzic is also the go-to serverless expert!
We asked Luciano Mammino, author of “Node.js design patterns second edition”, serverless enthusiast and international speaker, to interview Gojko on all the things serverless.

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“I don’t like complicated code.” Michael Feathers on Legacy Code and Technical Debt

An interview with Michael Feathers and Matteo Baglini

Who’s the person that comes to your mind when thinking about Refactoring Legacy Code? You can’t miss him: it must be the one and only Michael Feathers!
But there’s much more than Refactoring and Technical Debt, and this conversation with our trainer Matteo Baglini aims at uncovering some of the other aspects of Michael’s work and life. Enjoy!

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Get the most out of Product Discovery Strategy with EventStorming and Lean Value Tree

How does a product discovery strategy look like for a software development team?
In most of the cases, it’s still a long list of things due by a specific date. The expectation of the managers, even in digital products, is to see these new features going out as soon as possible, without considering too much the motivation behind. So it’s not uncommon to experience a lack of alignment and accountability between people at different stages to a common business goal. Moreover, despite the best intentions of the original planners, the level of details defined in the product strategy is limiting the possibilities for teams to act based on what they learn.
For an organization stuck in this situation, it’s tremendously hard to succeed in a very demanding environment like the digital realm. Continua la lettura di Get the most out of Product Discovery Strategy with EventStorming and Lean Value Tree


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