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EventStorming in COVID-19 times


If you already know me, you should remember that my position towards “remote EventStorming” wasn’t exactly favorable. However, the Coronavirus changed everything in or space, so a different position might be needed. Before starting to read this post I suggest you to read Remote EventStorming first.

At the moment of writing, Italy is in lockdown. EventStorming, as it was conceived like put all the key people in the same room, is forbidden, dangerous and strategically suicidal. So I guess some of the thoughts in my previous article needs to be reconsidered in the face of the changed scenario, where working remotely, possibly from home, becomes the norm.

This article’s approach is not general purpose: my consideration about remote workshops in normal times still stand, and I really hope to revert back to that status quo. But we’re not there anymore, and here I will write my current thoughts about EventStorming in a world where meeting in person is a risky luxury and still people need to explore complex domains, design sophisticated processes and collaborate across silos. Continua la lettura di EventStorming in COVID-19 times

Remote EventStorming


This is my position about the idea of Remote EventStorming before the COVID-19 which changed a few things. I suspect it will be interesting again once the emergency will be over. If you’re under restrictions and need to keep on modeling, you may want to have a look also to EventStorming in COVID-19 times after reading this one.

EventStorming is not a single recipe for workshops. It comes in different flavors, and with different purposes.

Before exploring the impact of turning it remotely, we need to make sure we understand what we’re talking about. Continua la lettura di Remote EventStorming

Remote Impact Mapping Workshop in Soisy

A case-study by Lorenzo Massacci

La scorsa settimana ho avuto la possibilità di progettare e facilitare un workshop su Impact Mapping con il team di Soisy, da remoto.
Due giorni di workshop completamente online senza post-it, pennarelli e lavagne… Il risultato? Il workshop è stato un successo!

Continua la lettura di Remote Impact Mapping Workshop in Soisy