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Let’s Get Functional (Programming)!

Gabriele Lana intervista Matteo Baglini

Una chiacchierata tra due dei nostri trainer di lunga data: Gabriele Lana e Matteo Baglini.

Si parla di sviluppo software, functional programming, Scala… e molto altro. Buona lettura! 🙂

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Lambda World Cádiz 2018

The European iteration of Lambda World took place on October 25-26 2018 in Cádiz (Spain).
I was lucky enough to be able to participate with two friends and colleagues: Massimo Iacolare and Andrea Vallotti. But the real surprise came in when Avanscoperta asked us to represent them at the event and write an article on Lambda World on their blog.

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When People and Machine (Learning) collide

Interview with Mathias Brandewinder

Author of the book “Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers”Mathias Brandewinder is 360° expert of all the things Microsoft, F# and Machine Learning.
He’s a board member of the F# Software Foundation, and he’s been involved in exploring the correlation between functional programming and machine learning. Feeling curious? Read on! Continua la lettura di When People and Machine (Learning) collide