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Alberto Brandolini: The Gordian Knot at muCon London 2019, Skills Matter

muCon: The Conference on Microservices, DDD & Software Architecture

Once upon a time there were two of the most successful conferences organised by Skills Matter. They were called DDD eXchange and muCon.
These two events have now merged into a bigger and better one: muCon – The Conference on Microservices, DDD & Software Architecture, a 3-day conference which aims at serving both the Domain-Driven Design and Microservices communities.
Both communities are alive and well all over the world, as the very varied and international crowd at the BDC in London could testify! 🙂

We already spoke about DDD eXchange last year and how Alberto Brandolini has always been part of the exciting line-up of that conference.
2019 has been no exception: the founder of Avanscoperta and inventor of EventStorming was indeed at the newly-shaped 3-day muCon to present a talk, “The Gordian Knot“.

Weren’t you at muCon London 2019? Nothing to worry about: check out the full HD video of Alberto’s talk below!

“The Gordian Knot” starts as a deep dive into one of the most successful books within the Software Development (and not only, as you’ll find out in the video) that have been published in the last years: Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble and Gene Kim.

If you’re tired of hearing “it depends” when it comes to assessing which practices work and which ones don’t within the IT world… this book has evidence, facts, numbers and figures that will tell you what’s the right path. For example… DevOps works! 🙂

What follows is the usual fun-to-watch-and-full-of-great-insight talk by our very own Zio, and you also get your dose of EventStorming. Shocking, isn’t it?! 🙂

Wondering when you can learn how to become an EventStorming facilitator, or when to participate in one of Alberto’s renowned Master Classes and workshops?

Head to Avanscoperta’s website and find out more on the orange world of Alberto Brandolini!

PS: Do you like Alberto’s hoodie? Is orange a colour that makes you think about EventStorming? It really should! 🙂
Raise your hand if you can spot Alberto in this picture!

And you can find more stuff at Avanscoperta’s online shop on Etsy.

Pics credits: Ed Telling, Skills Matter.

Get the most out of Product Discovery Strategy with EventStorming and Lean Value Tree

How does a product discovery strategy look like for a software development team?
In most of the cases, it’s still a long list of things due by a specific date. The expectation of the managers, even in digital products, is to see these new features going out as soon as possible, without considering too much the motivation behind. So it’s not uncommon to experience a lack of alignment and accountability between people at different stages to a common business goal. Moreover, despite the best intentions of the original planners, the level of details defined in the product strategy is limiting the possibilities for teams to act based on what they learn.
For an organization stuck in this situation, it’s tremendously hard to succeed in a very demanding environment like the digital realm. Continua la lettura di Get the most out of Product Discovery Strategy with EventStorming and Lean Value Tree

Alberto Brandolini’s Keynote at DDD eXchange 2018 (Skills Matter, London)

Alberto Brandolini’s Keynote at DDD eXchange 2018 (Skills Matter, London) “Joys and Pitfalls of Collaborative Modelling”

Alberto Brandolini aka @ziobrando was invited to give a keynote at DDD eXchange 2018, the world’s longest running conference on all the things Domain-Driven Design (at its 10th edition… wow!).

DDDX was organised once again by Skills Matter and it took place at CodeNode, Skills Matter‘s home, right in the right in the middle of the City of London, on April 26 and 27 2018.

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Chasing Elephants by Alberto Brandolini at Codemotion

Closing Keynote by Alberto Brandolini

Developers suffer from dangerous addictions.
They draw pleasure in making things work. When this doesn’t happen this could lead to dramatic consequences.

Developers deprived of the possibility of making things work could start exposing dangerous behaviors like challenging authority and mainstream thinking.
In extreme cases, they may even fall into the abyss of asking the forbidden question: Why?
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EventStorming: invite the right people

Dopo il mio post Introducing EventStorming, finalmente ho trovato il tempo di scrivere ancora su questo tema.

Il focus, questa volta, è sulle persone.


People are the primary ingredient for a successful party. You’ll need good music and drinks too, but if the girls won’t show up, the party will be lame

You’ve been reached by some buzz around EventStorming, you may even have experienced it in some evening event t the local user group. Now you fell like trying the experiment in your own company. But then a question pops up.

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Introducing EventStorming

In the past months I’ve spent some time experimenting with this weird thing. It started like a “Ouch I have no time to draw a precise UML diagram, let’s do this instead” then became a thing called Event-Based modelling workshop that I presented at Italian Agile Day 2012, I later had the chance to do more experiments in Belgium and Poland during Vaughn Vernon’s IDDD tour, and I gathered incredibly valuable feedbacks and insights. I managed to find a cooler name – EventStorming – just before the whole thing exploded in summer 2013. While I realised there was a lot of value in it, other practitioners (Mathias VerraesTom JanssenMarco Heimeshoff, Yves Reynhout, Tomas JaskulaAlessandro Colla, Andrea Balducci, Jef Claes, just to name a few) started exploring and playing with the format with amazing results, leading me to the conclusion that this is something more than “just another workshop format”.

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