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VoxxedDays Milan 2019 – DDDino Raffle

And the winner is….

First of all, big big thanks for submitting your pictures and taking part at our raffle to get one free ticket to attend VoxxedDays Milan (13th April 2019) with the DDDino photo contest! We’re grateful our community is so responsive and can also have a laugh (even at themselves) sometimes… 🙂

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Avanscoperta Retreat #2

Avanscoperta Retreat #2 – Open Space

Once you pop, you cannot stop… And so that’s how we ended up organising Avanscoperta’s second Retreat in Bologna in January 2019!
We had so much fun the previous year, and the value for us, Avanscoperta, and for our trainers and partners alike, it has been so big that we simply couldn’t let other year pass without gather to learn new stuff, find out and explore new ideas… you know how it works, right? 🙂

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Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide

Another year, another learning plan, another budget to be approved, another language to learn, another community to meet…
As we constantly strive to improve and learn more, we thought it was a good idea to put a list of cool events taking place in 2019, stuff you might be interested in if you’re a software developer, a change agent, a product leader, or a UX designer.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts:
It’s time for Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide!

(Looking for Avanscoperta’s 2020 Conferences and Events Guide? Click here!)

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