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ServerlessDays Milan 2018

With 7 events all over the world in 2018 only (and counting), the second edition of the one-day-one-track conference taking place in Milan, 230 attendees (double than last year!) and 21 speakers from all over the world… we can say ServerlessDays Milan‘s got big numbers, and it even sold-out this year!

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Is Serverless the future of Cloud Computing?

An interview with Luciano Mammino and Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic is a name you already know if you’ve been following us in the past years… raise your hand if you knew Mr Adzic is also the go-to serverless expert!
We asked Luciano Mammino, author of “Node.js design patterns second edition”, serverless enthusiast and international speaker, to interview Gojko on all the things serverless.

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