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“I don’t like complicated code.” Michael Feathers on Legacy Code and Technical Debt

An interview with Michael Feathers and Matteo Baglini

Who’s the person that comes to your mind when thinking about Refactoring Legacy Code? You can’t miss him: it must be the one and only Michael Feathers!
But there’s much more than Refactoring and Technical Debt, and this conversation with our trainer Matteo Baglini aims at uncovering some of the other aspects of Michael’s work and life. Enjoy!

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A Copernican Revolution: DevOps, Kubernetes and Cloud Native

Avanscoperta: Hi Jacopo! One of the latest addition to our team of trainers and experts. A very warm welcome from all of us! 🙂

Jacopo: Thank you very much! It’s amazing to be part of the team 🙂

Avanscoperta: Jacopo, tell us how did you get into computers and programming. And also, what was your favourite videogame as a kid?

Jacopo: Well, let’s start with the videogame: Starcraft, by far. I’m a strategist 😉 I think also the first edition of Monkey Island had a role in shaping me, I wouldn’t explain otherwise my passion for Grog.

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Cosa si intende con User Research, User Experience e User Interface Design?

Avanscoperta: Ciao Raffaele, ben ritrovato sulle pagine di questo blog! 🙂

Raffaele: Sbagliare una volta è ammissibile. La seconda è un indizio di colpa.

Avanscoperta: Esperto di UX/Design, docente universitario, fondatore di un’azienda di Design, antropologo (o meglio, Hackntropologo!) e, last but not least, trainer Avanscoperta… quale job title descrive meglio ciò che fai?

Raffaele: Quando sento gli altri riferirsi a me con i job title quasi non mi riconosco. Io mi considero un artigiano curioso. Continua la lettura di Cosa si intende con User Research, User Experience e User Interface Design?

Second-generation Agile Methodology: Dan North’s BDD Tales

Interview with Dan North

Writing an introduction to an interview with Dan North is not an easy task, being one of the very first names that come to anyone’s mind when talking about Agile and, as the saying goes, being one of those people who need no introduction.

Originator of BDD aka Behavior-Driven Development, Dan is a frequent conference speaker and a star of the software development world by all means. Dan will also be in Milan on May 15th-16th for his 2-day workshop “Software Faster”.

Among many other interesting things, in this interview we find out why the principles of the Agile Manifesto are aging well (like a good wine we might say!) and what we can do to make the most out of them in an ever changing world, almost 20 years since they were written for the first time.

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When People and Machine (Learning) collide

Interview with Mathias Brandewinder

Author of the book “Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers”Mathias Brandewinder is 360° expert of all the things Microsoft, F# and Machine Learning.
He’s a board member of the F# Software Foundation, and he’s been involved in exploring the correlation between functional programming and machine learning.
Feeling curious? Read on!

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We are antifragile because #WeAreLearners

Avanscoperta agreed to sponsor my participation to the workshop held on 5-9 Feb by Nassim N. Taleb on risk modeling in NYC. This is the story of where this decision came up from, since the day Alberto Brandolini and I first met.

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Frameworkless, o dell’incontro tra business e tech

Intervista a Francesco Strazzullo

Francesco Strazzullo è Frontend Developer @ extrategy, azienda di consulenza software marchigiana.
Appassionato di codice fin dal primo incontro con il mondo tech (il nome PlayStation vi dice niente?), tra una riga di codice e un’altra si diverte sui palchi di conferenze ed eventi in Italia e in Europa a raccontare le sue esperienze in ambito architettura web e pratiche agili.

Gli abbiamo fatto qualche domanda per conoscerlo meglio.
Buona lettura!

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Let There Be… Microservices!

Interview with Russ Miles

Russ Miles is one of the most renowned experts in the field of Microservices.
His name is one of those names that will always be mentioned during a conversation on Microservices.
You’ve certainly seen him in action (including with his electric guitar) many times in Europe as he’s a frequent conference speaker, or you read
one of his brilliant blog posts, but… he’s never been to Italy for a public course before! We got this chance to chat with Russ about Microservices, Spring, and software development. Over to you, Geek on a Harley!
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The Kingdom of Software

Interview with Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic is an award-winning international speaker, consultant, and writer. One of the most influential personalities in the Agile Testing world, Gojko wrote renowned books such as “Impact mapping”, “Specification by Example” and, most recently, “Humans VS Computers”. Over to Gojko now, enjoy this interview!

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