VoxxedDays Milan 2019 - DDDino Raffle

Enrico Meloni Events Apr 04, 2019

And the winner is….

First of all, big big thanks for submitting your pictures and taking part at our raffle to get one free ticket to attend VoxxedDays Milan (13th April 2019) with the DDDino photo contest! We’re grateful our community is so responsive and can also have a laugh (even at themselves) sometimes… 🙂

My kingdom for a free ticket! Let’s see who sent us their pictures then… wait, wait! It’s actually a story! 🙂

In this intriguing tale of dinosaurs and learners, we see Andrea Vallotti running away from a giant DDDino… as we know, this type of DDDino is “much aDDDo about nothing”, as it can’t do much harm with those arms!

man and dinosaur

Nevertheless, the very strong and powerful Claudio Beatrice is arriving to rescue him with a giant green sword while riDDDing a DDDino and he almost looks like a Jurassic-time Napoleon… will he be able to rescue Andrea?

man riding a dinosaur

But here’s another twist: Alessandro Giardina, who also wanted to go and help Andrea, is shockingly attacked by the very first incarnation of DDDino, the one from Urbino (very evil, as we know). The young woman is clearly frightened… how will this end?

dinosaur killing a man

After so much running and chasing, all of our friends are able to reach a safe place and run away from the DDDino attack. Only Alessandro Nuzzo is left in DDDino company, but he manages to put himself behind a huge camera and take a shot of “the last DDDino stanDDDing”. Quite unharmful now, isn’t it? Almost cute!

Dinosaur dancing on the floor

The Winner

As the saying goes “and they all lived happily ever after”… and they went to the cinema! That’s where we find the winner of our raffle: Tommaso Miranda, who managed to calm DDDino down once for all, and also to take a picture of not one, not two, but THREE DDDino at the same time (and in different shapes and sizes!)

Dinosaurs and Jurassik Park

Doesn’t Tommaso deserve this VoxxedDays Milan 2019 ticket? We truly believe so! 🙂

Thanks all for taking part in this funny challenge, awesome pictures! To the next one! #WeAreLearners

Cover picture credits: Aditya Vyas (unsplash).

Enrico Meloni

Roadie @ Avanscoperta.

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