Avanscoperta's 2019 Conferences and Events Guide

Enrico Meloni Events Jan 10, 2019

Another year, another learning plan, another budget to be approved, another language to learn, another community to meet…
As we constantly strive to improve and learn more, we thought it was a good idea to put a list of cool events taking place in 2019, stuff you might be interested in if you’re a software developer, a change agent, a product leader, or a UX designer.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts:
It’s time for Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide!

Disclaimer – How to read this post:

This list includes mainly tech events but, as our community is getting bigger and more diversified, you might find something that can interest you and is not strictly tech-related.

How did we put together this list? These events are suitable for an international audience (e.g. talks are mainly, if not totally, in English), some have some of our trainers in the line-up, and we’re making sure all parts of the world are represented here.

Did we forget anything (we surely did… Lanyrd we miss you!)? Drop us a line: [email protected].

September 2019
October 2019
November 2019
December 2019

September 2019

React Native EU [Wroklaw, Poland, 5-6 September]
First community conference in Europe focused exclusively on React Native.

EXPAND Conference [Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6 September]
A new and non-profit international software engineering conference for people involved in building and maintaining quality software.

APIdays.io Barcelona [Barcelona, Spain, 12-13 September]

FullStack Fest [Sitges, Spain, 6-9 September]
A 3-day, single track conference with topics ranging from GraphQL, WebAssembly, the JAMStack & Progressive User Interfaces to HTTP/3, Automation Testing, Serverless and the P2P web.

SmashingConf Freiburg [Freiburg, Germany, 9-10 September]
The focus is on front-end and UX but they cover everything web, be it UI design or machine learning.

ProgNET London [London, England, 11-12-13 September]
With one day of talks followed by two days of practical hands-on workshops, ProgNET London has you put down those ‘lecture notes’ and start deploying your new skills straight away.

Agile Business Day [Venice, Italy, 14 September]
An international conference covering the topic of agile from a business, organisational, and technical point of view.

Agile Prague [Prague, Czech Republic, 16-17 September]
Join the first agile conference in the heart of Europe.

Business of Software US [Boston, Massachusetts, US, 16-18 September]
Join the world’s smartest software entrepreneurs for 3 days of learning, listening, and networking. Learn about scaling SaaS and Software businesses from expert speakers and smart attendees.

Explore DDD [Denver, Colorado, US, 17-20 September]
Explore DDD sets the perfect stage to discover how industry peers and leaders are using DDD to build better software.

Agile Greece Summit [Athens, Greece, 19-20 September]
Build great team that can change the world… under the Greek sun!

Heroes Maratea [Maratea, Italy, 19-21 September]
The biggest Euro-Mediterranean event on business innovation.

Scala Italy [Bologna, Italy, 20-21 September]
The go-to Scala event in the Italian soil is back and this time it will be held in Bologna. Don’t miss it!

Agile Rock [Kyiv, Ukraine, 21 September]
A major conference on agile management of organizations and creative process. Plus musical performances and jam sessions for all participants right at the conference!

CloudNative London [London, England, 25-26-27 September]
Discover how to take full advantage of the cloud platforms available to you, and how to build the next generation of tools to support them.

UX Dojo [Rome, Italy, 25-28 September]
Join the Dojo and learn people-based research and planning.

Event-driven Microservices Conference [Amsterdam, Netherlands, 27 September]
With a talk and a workshop by Avanscoperta founder and EventStorming inventor- Mr. Alberto Brandolini!

Marketing Forum by Performance Strategies [Milan, Italy, 27-28 September]
Italy’s premier event on strategic marketing.

Agile Venture Firenze [Florence, Italy, 28 September]
Evolution over evolution.

October 2019

Intersection Conference [Milan, Italy, 1-2 October]
UX and Development conference in Italy’s tech capital.

Software Craftsmanship London [London, England, 3-4 October]
Join London’s premier conference on Software Craftsmanship. With a talk by Alberto Brandolini.

Architecta Summit [Bologna, Italy, 4-5 October]
13th edition of Italian’s premier Information Architecture Summit.

SingularityU Italy Summit 2019 [Milan, Italy, 8-9 October]
For the third edition in Italy, this cutting-edge event brings you the future of the world, the Silicon Valley state of the art technologies and next to come.

Lean Agile Scotland [Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-11 October]
Returning for its 8th year, Lean Agile Scotland will provide three days of inspiring learning from a dynamic mix of stimulating keynotes and practitioners working on the front line of the industry.

GSAS – Global Software Architecture Summit [Barcelona, Spain, 10 October]
one day summit which aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world as well as all those interested in building working software to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect.

Haskell eXchange [London, England, 10-11 October]
An opportunity for Haskellers to meet, learn and share skills, discover emerging technologies and help evolve the Haskell ecosystem.

HackConf [Sofia, Bulgaria, 11-13 October]
A software development conference for developers, by developers.

JDD [Kraków, Poland, 14-15 October]
A 2-day conference on Java, this year at its 14th edition.

TestCon [Vilnius, Lithuania, 15-17 October]
The biggest software testing conference in Europe

World Usability Congress [Graz, Austria, 16-17 October]
The World Usability Congress is an international premier user experience design conference.

KanDDDinsky [Berlin, Germany, 17-18 October]
The art of business software. Featuring a talk by Alberto Brandolini.

Mind The Product Conference [London, England, 17-18 October]
Mind the Product is the world’s largest product management conference.

GeeCon Prague [Prague, Czech Republic, 17-18 October]
Java and JVM based technologies, dynamic languages, enterprise architectures, patterns, distributed computing, software craftsmanship, mobile and much more…

Lambda World Cádiz [Cádiz, Spain, 18-19 October]
One of the largest functional programming events in Europe.

The Choice Conference [Madrid, Spain, 18-20 October]
The role of business choices in shaping a better future.

Agile By Example [Warsaw, Poland, 21-23 October]
Agile conference, featuring a talk by Alberto Brandolini.

GOTO Berlin [Berlin, Germany, 22-25 October]
Learning is a life-long process and that’s why we create conferences for developers by developers. It’s what drives us to produce the best meeting place for innovators and thought leaders.

Full Stack Europe [Antwerp, Netherlands, 23-25 October]
A conference for every kind of developer.

droidcon London [London, England, 24-25 October]
Take your Android development skills to new levels at droidcon London 2019, the biggest Android developer conference in Europe.

TSconf [Desenzano del Garda, Italy, 25 October]
Independent Italian TypeScript conference.

November 2019

Productized [Lisbon, Portugal, 1-2 November]
We know that great products are hard to build, and just as difficult to manage. How can you improve your methods to make your processes easier and more efficient?

Agile Testing Days [Potsdam, Germany, 3-8 November]
Join Agile Testing Days’ 11th edition! The Agile Testing Days Conference is a festival for the agile community. Network & get deep insights in testing & agile excellence.

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference [Berlin, Germany, 4-7 November]
The event provides senior developers, engineers, tech leads, and software architects the essential training to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the latest technologies and frameworks.

Web Summit [Lisbon, Portugal, 4-7 November]
At a time of great uncertainty for industry upon industry and the world itself, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?

IAD Italian Agile Days [Modena, Italy, 8-9 November]
Italy’s premier Agile conference, the birthplace of our Mascot DDDino! 🙂

Øredev [Malmö, Sweden, 6-8 November]
International conference in Malmö, Sweden for Software Developers! With a talk by Avanscoperta’s CEO and EventStorming inventor Alberto Brandolini.

P3X – People, Product & Process eXchange [London, England, 7-8 November]
An event aiming to broaden the conversation between three core themes: People – Maximise human potential, Product – Explore products and align vision, Process – Deliver world-changing outcomes.

QCon San Francisco [San Francisco, California, US, 11-15 November]
For senior software engineers and architects, a conference on patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software shops.

NodeConf EU [Kilkenny, Ireland, 10-13 November]
The key Node.JS event in Europe.

SDD Deep Dive [London, England, 11-13 November]
SDD stands for Software Design & Development. Not to be missed!

Product Management Festival [Zürich, Switzerland, 13-14 November]
The Product Management Festival is a conference that showcases the latest information and innovation in product management from leading experts across the world.

BigData London [London, England, 13-14 November]

BUILDSTUFF Lithuania [Vilnius, Lithuania, 13-17 November]

Meaning Conference [Brighton, England, 14 November]
An international guest list of speakers, panelists and workshop hosts to inspire you on your own journey to better business.

ISTA 2019 [Sofia, Bulgaria, 14-15 November]
Collaborate, Innovate, Master.

Good Tech Conf [Brighton, England, 18-19 November]
A non profit conference bringing together 200 technologists with a passion for large scale computer systems, ethics, and diversity.

GOTO Copenhagen [Copenhagen, Denmark, 18-22 November]
Discover the technologies, methodologies and skills you need to know today to build systems of the future.

CAS – Conferencia Agile Spain [Barcelona, Spain, 22-23 November]
Spain’s premier conference on Agile.

December 2019

Clojure eXchange [London, England, 2-3 December]
Skills Matter’s conference on Clojure and functional programming.

KotlinConf [Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-6 December]
The must attend conference for all Kotlin maniacs.

FlowCon [Paris, France, 12-13 December]

Scala eXchange [London, England, 12-13 December]
Meet, learn and share skills with 1,000+ other passionate Scala developers.

Cover pic credits: Lambda World Cádiz 2018 Marketing Team.

Check out the full list of our upcoming training courses: Avanscoperta Workshops.

Enrico Meloni

Roadie @ Avanscoperta.

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